Jim Perez Golf can help you become a certified golf professional. Jim Perez is a Master United States Golf Teachers Association Hall of Fame Instructor. If you want to get your USGTF certification contact Jim Perez now to learn more about the levels you can get certified in.

Overview of Golf Teaching Professional Certification Levels

Level 1

  • Two-day introductory certification course.
  • Entry level into the golf teaching profession.
  • Participants learn basic techniques for teaching the golf swing.
  • Participants also receive instruction on their own golf swings.
  • Entry-level members are able to effectively teach the beginning or novice player

Level 2

  • Four-day certification course
  • In addition to learning basic techniques for teaching the golf swing, participants will cover more in-depth topics including: faults & cures, complete short game, video analysis, marketing, rules & clubfitting.

Level 3

  • One-week certification course
  • Includes all of the above, plus the Playing Ability Test and closing evening banquet.
  • Recognized as the international golf teaching professional status.
  • Fully certified members enjoy all the rights and privileges of USGTF membership including participation in the US Golf Teachers Cup® and the World Golf Teachers Cup®.